Agha Noor Heavy Embroidered with Embroidered Organza dupatta-Ga1680

Rs.5,999 Rs.9,999

  • Details

    • Unstitchd
    • Premium Organza Fabric
    • Organza Neck Embroidered
    • Organza Shirt Front Embroidered 
    • Organza Daman Embroidered  
    • Organza Sleeve Embroidered 
    • Organza Shirt  Back Embroidered
    • Organza Shirt  Back Daman  Embroidered
    • Organza Dyed Back
    • Atel Inner


    • Organza Embroidered Dupatta All over 
    • Unstitched, Premium Russian Grip Fabric
    • Russian Grip Embroidered Trouser 

    Delivery in 3 to 4 Working Days
    A+ Master Copy / 1st Copy

    Note:  Actual product color may vary slightly from the image.

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